The Interior of Copenhagen Central Station, Denmark

Chief Architect of the DSB Heinrich Wenck wanted to create a station "suitable for Denmark–for our country's situation and its character–so that the last impression that departing Danes got was the same as that which met the arriving foreigners: something Danish”.

Gyldenløvesgade and Dannerhuset, Copenhagen

Gyldenløvesgade has changed remarkably little in the last 115 years or so–but that lack of visible change obscures a pretty wild story. That brick Neo-Renaissance building on the left with the eyecatching gables? Super interesting, it turns out.

SAS Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

It’s one of the first high-rises in central Copenhagen, a gesamtkunstwerk designed by one of Denmark’s most famous architects, but the irony of the SAS Royal Hotel is that only the least notable part of the building–its architecture–survives unchanged.

Textilarbejdernes Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark

I did this one because I thought it was Denmark’s first curtain wall, designed by Arne Jacobsen. …lol, nope—that is Nyropsgade 18, next door. This is Nyropsgade…14, designed a few years later by the significantly-less-famous August Rasmussen & Torben Miland Petersen and completed in 1958.


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